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Was I being offensive?


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Was I being offensive?

cdes475 | Nov 5, 2012 08:33 AM

I was invited to a close friends house for dinner. I asked her if I can bring a side dish and dessert and she said yes. I asked her what she was preparing and she never ignored that text but replied to others. I made cake abn a salad. When I arrived she had prepared so much food, more than usual, and she had bought dessert. They didn't touch my salad and when dessert time came I told her save your cake for another time I will treat you guys today. She brought out her cake and ssaid " cake competition". I felt this was awkward and she had to run and asked me to serve the cake. I gave everyone a piece of each since she already cut her cake and I spent so long preparing this cake I wanted to serve it. I felt like she was trying to undermine me by serving her cake, not responsing and also not eating my salad. I feel hurt and I feel like since me and my boyfriemd have roomates we can't invite them for dinner so I try to help out and give my piece. When I offered to bring food it was for that reason, not to undermine her. She is afghani so maybe its a cultural difference? Help was I wrong?

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