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Odd Charcoal Webber Grill Phenomenon


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Odd Charcoal Webber Grill Phenomenon

Zappa | Jul 23, 2002 10:16 AM


For many years while indirect cooking on my Webber only one side of the grill stays lit, Right Side North East.

Particulars are:
1- I use lump charcoal,
2- I start the charcoal in a chimney, get it to a good burn and pour ½ on the left and right side,
3- I use Webber’s right & left coal separators, keeps the coals to either side,
4- The Webber grill has nothing around it, Free Standing,
5- New vent controls installed,
6- I added burning red coals to the left side to try to restart it with no luck,
7- I installed a thermostat on the hood about ,¼” down and away from the top vent,
8- I run the grill between 250Fand 350F,
9- The 8 year old Webber is in good condition,
10-Color is Red,

Any suggestions on how to get the left side going?

Should I be content with just one side?
Do I need both sides burning?
Sunday I cooked an 8 Pound fresh pork shoulder for 5 hours with no problem.



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