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FoolForFood | Dec 10, 2007 09:55 AM

Tried Ocean Harbor on Sunday after hearing some good chowhound reviews. I definitely enjoyed its chaotic, Hong Kong style dim sum atmosphere. I agree with a previous poster that dim sum just isn't the same without carts and cart-pulling ladies yelling "har gau, shiu mai !!"

That being said, just about everything I had at Ocean Harbor was better than the offerings at Lakeside. For instance, the shiu mai had lots more flavor, including dried shitake mushrooms pureed into the shrimp and pork mixture. The turnip cake had much more turnip, dried sausage and dried shrimp. The chinese broccoli, was fresh and not overwhelmed by store brand oyster sauce - though I wish they would've used baby chinese broccoli instead.

Unfortunately, the stuffed egglant and meatballs were only mediocre. The eggplant tasted bland and didn't have enough filling. The egglant I had a couple weekends ago at Lakeside, however, was just right.

I honestly cannot remember any other dim sum item I ordered because this experience was somewhat marred by a potential gas leak explosion from a har gau/shiu mai cart plopped right next to my table. As I was gorging myself, I noticed the cart lady was frantic about the smoke stemming from the cart. Once I smelled gas, I almost hightailed it out of there like George Constanza at a kid's pizza party. The crisis was soon averted, and though the smell of gas never fully went away, we still managed to enjoy the food.

Yes, the very reason I enjoy Ocean Harbor over Lakeside, almost led to my untimely death. Go figure.

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