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alfredck | Jan 1, 2015 07:57 AM

I've been intrigued by nsenene for years. They are katydids (grasshopper relatives) that are eaten in Uganda and other parts of Africa. They have been described as tasting like french fries, bacon, croutons, and shrimp.

Without a large Ugandan population in the SF Bay Area, I've looked for on-line sources over the years.

I finally got my hands on a batch from Taste of Karibu Restaurant in Waltham, MA (ordering way too much as usual).

They were pre-cooked and pre-salted. After just a brief time in the toaster oven, they started to sizzle in their own fat.

The flavor and texture? If I didn't know better I would swear that they were dried, salted shrimp. But very light, crispy, and airy, dried salted shrimp. As pointed out by others, they would go great with a cold beer.

I'm thinking of recipes for them--nsenene fried rice? Vatapa? Egusi soup? Or maybe just toasted with a cold beverage.

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