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Nostalgic Childhood Foods


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Nostalgic Childhood Foods

Tokyoite | Oct 7, 2013 09:21 PM

Hi Everyone!
I am new to the boards and have enjoyed myself immensely reading these posts. Please excuse me if this is posted in the wrong forum.

As an Asian American with only a few years in the US, food has been something comforting no matter where in the world we moved. Though we weren't rich by any means, I felt we always ate well.
I just wanted to share and record some memories of the food concoctions my parents used to make for us. More than anything, I just want to have a list of these so I don't forget them, but I would love to hear everyone's stories!

I'm just randomly writing these out so bear with me :)

1. Taco toasts
This was something my mom would make us following taco/burrito nights in our home. it was basically a slice of white bread topped with leftover taco meat and a slice of American cheese toasted in the oven. We got this for breakfast before school alot and me and my sisters would nible off the crusts first before finishing off the crispy, gooey, savory remnants.

2. Sweet egg soup
This was a dish my dad would make for us when we were sick. Essentially it was milk sweetened with sugar and microwaved until hot. A beaten egg was stirred in which made this sort of a custard tasting egg drop soup.

3. Cabbage onion omlette
This was something we had often during dinner, shredded cabbage and onions were sauteed until softened, seasoned with salt and white pepper before having 5 or 6 beaten eggs added to the frying pan. Brown on one side then flip to brown on the other, I think this was mom's way of making sure we got our veggies and protein in one dish.

4. French toast with Condensed milk
We never had maple syrup and so french toast mornings always consisted of french toast served with condensed milk, I still love doing this today.

5. Spaghetti pie
I loved this stuff as a kid. Homemade meat sauce tossed with cooked, drained spaghetti was put into a casserole pan. This was then topped with bell peppers, onions, sausage, ham and a generous sprinkling of cheese before being thrown into an oven until golden and bubbly.

6. Tortilla egg omelets
Traditionally, these are called "Dan Bin" and are made with a very thin crepe which consists of potato starch and flour. Since these were often time consuming to make and difficult to buy, my mother would simply use tortillas (the large size for burritos.)
She would beat two eggs with chopped scallions, salt and white pepper, pour this mixture into a hot nonstick pan and scramble. While still semi solid, she would place one tortilla on top. Then she would flip the entire thing over, brown the tortilla and fold into thirds. This was served with tamari sauce thickened over low heat with cornstarch.

7. Burdock and Beef stew
Another one of my favorite dishes, I suspect its a play off Japanese food my grandmother used to make, but I have not had this outside my family.
Basically, burdock root (gobo) and carrot was cut up into thick strips sauteed with beef until fragrant, then simmered in a stock consisting of soy, rice wine and sugar until the beef was tender.

8.Simple garlic toast
I don't know why this lingers so fondly in my memory.
White bread, buttered generously then sprinkled with garlic powder and toasted until crispy and golden. I have no idea why she gave this to us for breakfast, but we loved it.

9.Chicken and egg rice
This is pretty staple but so satisfying - bare basic Japanese dish.
sliced onions are sauteed with bite sized pieces of chicken thigh meat. When chicken is almost done, sweet dashi broth is added and brought to a heavy simmer. kill the heat add 2 beaten eggs seasoned with soy sauce and mirin. Stir until the eggs are partially set and pour over hot rice.

10. Bitter gourd and salted eggs
Bitter gourd is sliced then sauteed with sliced onions until tender, add dashi stock, rice wine and a touch of soy sauce. Crumble a salted duck egg in and warm through. Serve with rice.

11. Chicken noodle soup
I loved this soup as a kid and could not get enough of it. Especially when I was coming down with a cold, this would almost certainly immediately appear at the dinner table.
It consisted of chicken drumsticks in a pot of water with dried shiitake mushrooms with a few cloves of garlic, a slice of japanese leek and a sliced thumb of garlic. Once simmering, the scum was removed then soy sauce, salt and rice wine were added. once the chicken is done and tender, a generous sprinkling of goji berries were added.

12. Curry with no curry
This was basically what my mom would do when we had the ingredients for Japanese curry rice but us unruly kids did not feel like curry rice!
Sautee onions, carrots, potatoes and cut up chicken thighs and top with water once browned. Simmer until you have a fragrant broth. Skim off impurities and divide into two. One portion goes into the fridge for curry rice tomorrow and the other one is seasoned with salt and pepper and a few stalks of celery, milk and cream are thrown in and simmered for a little while longer. Ladle into bowls and top with one slice of kraft singles...I guess this would basically be a chicken chowder? haha.

Thats it for now, but I am sure I will think of more - made me pretty darn nostalgic recalling these! I love you mom and dad!

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