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Hello Northerners! I guess Northwest to be specific.....


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Hello Northerners! I guess Northwest to be specific.....

reinadetostones | Jun 20, 2011 06:40 PM

I have been working in Round Rock (McNeil between 183 and Mopac) for the last two weeks - two weeks to go. It has been fun reading posts by CH who live in/frequent that area...and cataloging suggestions, such as Asia Cafe, Maharaja Cafe, what's coming into the old Kahunas...etc.

So, I was thrilled to discover pani puri. Never had it before. Read the thread on best chaat in Austin, and I am a rabid fan. My first was at Hot Breads - and I have to say, I love it. I love that I got to punch my own puri, and I thought the pani was AMAZING (I googled pani puri for a better idea of what luckyfatima and others were saying). I had it again at Maharaja Cafe, and although I loved it, it lacked a certain je ne sais quois. BUT - I am headed back to MC for some other intriguing menu items... excited to learn more about Goan cuisine.

Hot Breads has a bunch of items I am unfamiliar with, and some I am. Not a big fan of idli or vada, but their goat khorma was AMAZING. Creamy, voluptuous, spicy sauce, nice tender chunks of meat - not too gamy, but stood up to the spices. Tandoori chicken was phenomenal - spicy, moist, incredible. I am a HUGE fan of Hot Breads, and will return. Maybe tomorrow, unless I get some suggestions I can't miss!

I'm going to do my research on the copious Asia Cafe posts (gotta unclick the 1 year limitation to get into the heart of this one) and figure out how to proceed. I went here twice after Sambamaster's robust reviews, and loved the top-level menu items. Spicy fish, twice cooked pork, etc. Seems like I should pay attention to a slip in quality....any current recs on what is amazing there these days?

I had made the pilgrimage to Chen's noodles once, and was unimpressed, so unless I hear otherwise, that and Sambets will go unrevisited.

Looking to try Deckhand (is that right?) for oysters soon.

SO - the question is - since I am there for lunches for two more weeks - where should I be swinging by at lunchtime? What should I be ordering? I think this area must hold many gems, most of which are out of the search engine of CH. Any and all suggestions welcome...this is a flavor wonderland compared to Mopac and William Cannon!

Thanks for any and all guidance...

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