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Is it normal for people to be so turned off by puree soups?

Regnes | Feb 6, 201007:16 PM

I've always been pretty big on soups, purees have long been my favourite style of soup to make. Though whenever I make one, half of my family seems to be morally offended by what I've done, acting as if soups without chunks aren't soup at all.

It just seems strange to me that people would care so much about the texture of a soup, especially when doing a puree seems to enhance the flavour to a certain degree.

It might just be that puree soups are a sort of new concept to my family, though I notice that my Little Brother and Dad are the complainers while my Mom and Older Sister are the praisers, I wonder if it's sort of a man thing then.(Though I am a guy)

Does anybody else seem to run into this problem?

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