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My nomination for best fast food burrito ...

ipsedixit | Oct 6, 200911:13 AM

... is Costa Vida. www.costavida.net

I used to be a pretty big devotee of Chipotle, and to a lesser extent Qdoba, but having just discovered Costa Vida the other two seems so Taco Bell-ish.

Here's what you get at Costa Vida ...

The flour tortilla is made fresh, by hand.

The fillings are all interesting and more importantly very tasty, including sweet pork (the best option in my opinion), mango chicken, and raspberry chicken.

The other fillers are good as well, and while I prefer black beans, the pinto beans made by Costa Vida were not so mushy as to remind you of a facial mud mask.

You can also get your burrito "wet" (and you should), and they'll also toast your burrito after its been properly stuffed and garnished.

Big scoops of sweet pork, black beans, lime rice, guacamole, sour cream, all wrapped safely in a big flour tortilla, then smothered in tomatillo red sauce and garnished with some cheese and then a quick trip through the broiler to make sure everything melds together as if Spock was doing the cooking ... voila!

Best fast food burrito on the market.

Who makes your favorite fast food burrito?

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