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Nicest kosher restaurant atmosphere NYC

Lwoods2012 | Oct 20, 2013 05:09 AM

I know this question gets asked, but with the frequent changes in the NYC restaurant scene, I'm asking again. Feel free to ignore.

Looking for the kosher restaurant(s) in NYC that make the most effort to LOOK like a nice restaurant. Also want at least passable food, but am more concerned about looks. Am bringing my non-Jewish, no experience with kosher parents there to meet my kosher-keeping boyfriend. It's going to be awkward enough already, so I would love to take them to a place that communicates "look, even though you can't get dairy here, this still looks like a really nice non-kosher restaurant, so please be slightly less grumpy." I don't live in NYC so can't make this determination myself.

To clarify, I ask because I have been to kosher places with great, high-quality food that, because their food was great, didn't make a lot of effort aesthetics-wise. Would prefer to avoid that.

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