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NH - Worthy food publications?


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NH - Worthy food publications?

eatalian | Dec 8, 2010 03:55 PM

Ok, maybe it took me too long to realize this, but are there any food publications in NH whose opinions on food can be trusted? I started reading the Hippo a few months ago, always flipping to the food section first. Recently I've seen some articles in there about restaurants that have me scratching my head. Are the places they are writing about truly worth recommending? Then I found Feast (by The Telegraph)...the reviews seem always the same result. Are these people really lucky enough to spend their money on food that doesn't suck? I haven't really read the Union Leader reviews yet, but also, some of the NH food blogs seem to rate all the restaurants as being "good" or better. Some of the places I know from my own experience (or from others') should not be highly recommended.

I think this was long-winded, but basically, have I been that naive? Are these food writers fluffing every place they eat at? Aside from here, where else can you get a solid recommendation from?

Sigh, sorry for the rant, but I am truly curious!

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