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Little Nepal Chowdown Report

felice | Jul 16, 200308:02 PM     14

A group of 13 hounds ate at Little Nepal last night. The dinner was organized by celeryroot, who had eaten at the restaurant 3 times before that. Knowing that we chowhounds like to try everything, the owner was nice enough to give us a tasting menu, where they brought out dish after dish until we were all bursting. The owner answered all of our questions at the end, and the chef brought out the mystery "spinach" that we were wondering about.


Special Chhoila: bbq lamb or pork marinated in special spices. Complex flavor, 8 votes as the favorite appetizer. Those of us who tried both the lamb and the pork preferred the lamb. The pork was chewy while the lamb was cooked perfectly.

Himalayan Momo: pork or vegetable wrapped in flour dough and steamed - they looked like pot stickers. 3 votes for the meat version as the favorite appetizer. I liked the wrapper - it was thick and had an al dente texture. The potato filling was on the bland side - someone who tried and voted for the pork should comment on it.

Samosa: veggie or lamb. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. The lamb version was very good and contained fresh whole peas also. 2 votes as the favorite appetizer. This was deep fried, but not greasy.

Mismass Pakauda: fried spinach and onion: slightly sweet, not greasy.

Himalayan House Salad: iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers in a creamy sour dressing. Not recommended.

Meat Curries:

Kukhurako Ledo: tandoori chicken cooked with light cream, cashew nut, tomato sauce. 6 votes as the favorite entree. It reminded me of chicken tikka masala. It was rich and creamy.

Kukhura Ra Mula: chicken cooked with radish, garlic, ginger, onion, tomato sauce and spices

Kukhurako Pakuwa: chicken curry cooked in garlic, tomato sauce, ginger and spices

Khasiko Pakuwa: lamb curry similar to the chicken above

Jhinge Machhako Tarkari: shrimp curry cooked in garlic, ginger, tomato, onion, gravy, fish-curry spices. This was my favorite curry. Slightly spicy, complex flavor. The shrimp was overcooked but the sauce was delicious.

I really liked all these curries - none of them were swimming in pools of oil, the meat was generally tender, and they were all different, despite the fact that they all have garlic, ginger, tomato sauce, and spices.

Veggie curries

Sabjiko Tarkari: potato and cauliflower sauteed with garlic, ginger, and tomatoes - very good. The cauliflower was not mushy and overcooked.

Sagko Tarkari: seasonable green leaf lightly sauteed in fresh tomato, garlic, and light spices. 3 votes as favorite entree. The chef called this a spinach dish, but it was actually a member of the mustard family. The vegetable was labelled "texas mustard" and was slightly bitter.

Tofuko tarkari: Tofu and green beans in a yellow curry sauce, 3 votes as favorite entree. Tofu was very soft and the dish was rich and creamy. I liked this dish the least - the flavors were too subtle for me maybe.

Chhyauko tarkari: mushroom in traditional spices. very good and slightly spicy

Sizzling tandoories, served on a hot iron plate with onions

Poleko khasi: tandoori lamb - not good. The lamb was chewy and had an off-taste

Poleko Jhinge Machha- tandoori shrimp, 2 votes as favorite entree. Large, juicy shrimp cooked just right.

rice - fragrant, whole, long grains
naan - I like this version even better than the indian version. Slightly sweet, great texture - slightly crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. (It was a moist type of crispy rather than a dry type of crispy - I guess crispy is not the best word to use, someone should suggest another one). The pizza place that the owners have must be excellent.
mixed seasonal vegetable - good, not mushy
tomato chutney - excellent and very spicy
mint chutney
beaten rice and pop-soybean - tasted like triscuit or rice cakes, texture like grape nuts - a sprinkle of it added texture to whatever you were eating

Jekel 2001 Reisling, provided by nja
Mango juice
Mango shake
Sweet yogurt shake

Quote of the meal "Who needs salt and pepper at a place like this?" -chowfun

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