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NC State Fair report

Nab | Oct 18, 2004 05:28 PM

sometimes food produced for the masses can be good.

went to the fair on sunday with a fellow hound to sniff out the good eats. and we found them. and i paid the consequences of my gluttony, but it was worth it.

here's how it went down:

walk in, grab a few free hushpuppies, walk through a
model cornmeal production plant, walk out to find some
killer apple cider.

head towards the strip, and grab a fried bologna
sammich at friend's suggestion. never had heard of one, so i went for the experience. not bad, would've
been better if made to order.

walk a few yards, see some folks with huge amounts
of steak falling out of a bun and ear-to-ear sloppy
grins. split a steak sammy. hey, gotta be efficient
and don't want to burn out too fast.

i take a breather, friend goes for the alligator
sausage on a stick. these aren't really much different from an andouille if you ask me. saw some crawfish pie which looked dry, so i passed.

friend was one up on me and i needed to get back in the game, so i started hunting down some 'cue, but once in line i started to worry about the quality. can't waste *any* bites here. panic, and get out of the line, head straight to the source of the *jumbo* turkey legs. fantabulous. this was the pinnacle for me. crispy skin, juicy all the way to the interior, and bursting of flavor. they were smoked.

the leg required some work, but i still had to interrupt it with what i had been looking for first
thing in the morning to cure my god-awful hangover -
country ham biscuit. sunrise-size biscuits and a load
of ham which almost gave me a 3rd degree salt burn.
i had to sacrifice this one to the dumpster-gods to get
back at the turkey leg. i only left 2 bites of it
though, so gimme a break.

fresh lemonade to do something about the salt burn.

fried twinkie. 'nuff said.

ice cream with hot sauce on it. interesting.

at this point i starting hallucinating. everything
became a jumbo turkey leg. i was concerned for my wellbeing as well as the little childrens. i force myself to leave and, on the way out, see just about everybody carrying a turkey leg in hand (might've been hallucinations). damn myself for not getting one to-go.

chest-pains, not of the GERD-type, for several hours.

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