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Nagoya eating plan


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Nagoya eating plan

E Eto | Oct 27, 2006 07:20 PM

I'm really looking forward to my next trip to Japan. While there's a lot of family to visit, this is the first trip in a while where I get to plan my own travels around eating. One of my stops will be in Nagoya. It'll be my first time there, so I've been doing a bunch of research, and from watching enough Japanese food television, I've gotten to know that Nagoya is an interesting food city, with regional specialties that outnumber most other Japanese cities. First, when you hear Nagoya, one of the first things that pop to mind is chicken. The local breed known as Nagoya-kochin is one of the featured ingredients, and there are plenty of yakitori-yas and other higher-end places dedicated to serving it. On the lower end, there are a bunch of places serving chicken wings. The other thing that comes to mind when thinking about Nagoya is miso (specifically hatcho miso, the dark miso). The addition of miso imparts its own local flavor to traditional Japanese dishes, like sukiyaki, oden, tonkatsu, udon. The few other signature Nagoya specialties are hitsumabushi (unagi), kishi-men (a fetuccini-like noodle soup), and ten-musu (onigiri with shrimp tempura). While I'll only have a couple days in Nagoya, I plan to make the best of what I can sample.

I'll be staying in the Sakae area, so most of the places are in or around this area, or closer to Nagoya station. I want to also visit the Chikusa neighborhood, but I'm not sure I'll have time to do that. So here is a list of places I came up with that looks like what I want to sample. I'm hoping to get some comments on any places that could improve my Nagoya eating experience.

Nagoya Kochin chicken
Torigin I'm really drawn to this place for the variety of Nagoya-kochin dishes, besides just yakitori. I'm especially looking at the kochin sashimi moriawase. Compared to other places I've seen online, it looks like a value as well.
Kululu This looks like another place for good value, with more of an izakaya feel.

Tebasaki (wings)
Yamachan I'm told you can't go to Nagoya without trying the main chicken wings joint in town. Yamachan is suppose to be the quintessential place.
Furaibo Though they have a couple places in LA, I'm curious to know if the original Furaibo are head and shoulders above the ones in LA.

I guess it'll just come down to which one's closer during lunch.

Miyakagi Take a look at that photo of the miso sukiyaki. I might make a beeline for this place. It's been in operation for over 100 years, so it's pretty old school. (Here's another page )
Yamamotoya Souhonke This looks like the place to get Miso udon.

Instead of the regular sauce that comes with tonkatsu, in Nagoya, they make it with miso, and every place seems to have their own special recipe. I know I won't be able to visit many of these places, but I can try.
Kurobutaya ramuchii (Here's another link )
Ajidokoro Kano

Ramen isn't a big specialty of Nagoya, but his place looks pretty good. It looks like a Nagoya specialty ramen.

Miyaki This looks like the big local chain for kishimen. I can't seem to find much more in my searches, so if anyone has some good recommendations for kishimen, I'll look out for it.

Looks like I'll have to grab a bunch of these for my train trip to Tokyo. I understand there are many little joints around that have it like bentos.

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