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Mystery grapes


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Mystery grapes

Liv Huang | Mar 11, 2005 05:53 PM

At a Korean friend's home, I was served these really incredible grapes, very sweet and intense in flavor. She said they were "Korean grapes" and said I could find them at the local Korean market. I think I also saw them at Ranch 99 but I'm not sure. They were small and round, very dark indigo in color, and looked "dusty" and were significantly more expensive than "regular" grapes. The flavor was sweet and very grape-y. We were taught to eat them by squeezing lightly until the skin split then the entire (now skinless) grape would pop into your mouth. You spit out the seeds and enjoy the rest. Do these grapes have a name? I can't figure out what kind of grape they are, they don't seem that common, or at least I don't see them around as often as the usual seedless red and green varieties. When I bought them from the Korean market they also seemed to spoil very quickly even though we kept them in the refrigerator. Thanks!

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