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Why is music necessary in restaurants?


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Why is music necessary in restaurants?

bucksguy14 | Apr 27, 2011 09:55 AM

I never got the idea of music in restaurants. And, because I am a hearing aid wearer, I have come to really dislike music in restaurants! It's difficult enough to have a conversation with the person across the table (or even in the seat beside me at times) without having to try to discern words over music. Hearing aids act as amplifiers. Their primary short-comings are that they don't do a good job of filtering out background noise and they don't help with clarity. It doesn't help if you speak loudly to me, it helps if you enunciate. Music merely makes it more difficult to understand what's being said. And music, in places that folks with normal hearing think are noisy, just adds to the problem. Can we do without the music?

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