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the muffins at dado tea


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the muffins at dado tea

apple | May 8, 2003 09:41 AM

my goodness, these are excellent muffins. there are three kinds only - blueberry, cranberry, and corn - and they're all good. they're also pretty dense, and not very sweet at all. (so if you lean towards a fluffier muffin with a very delicate crumb, these might not be your style. that said, i usually lean towards the cake-like ones myself, and i LOVE these.)

the corn has a really coarse crumb and verges almost on savory. there's no paper skin on the bottom, which is oddly appropriate. the blueberry and cranberry are also not very sweet, and they're loaded with fruit. half of the blueberry muffin was blue. it was also a very nice touch when a gorgeous whole berry plopped out of its pocket and onto my plate.

these have all the goodness of butter without a touch of oiliness (well, except for the paper bag that carried them home). so this is what i do. i put one in the microwave for 45 sec and then insert a nice pat of cold unsalted butter into its middle. i sit back for a minute or two, and then open it up and marvel at the wet parts newly crowned with butter. then eat. sometimes with jam.

i wonder where they get these. i know they order a lot of their more dessert-y items from g. case bakery, and their bagels from iggy's (which are weird - the crust is way too hard and thick). anyway, the korean couple who owns the cafe are lovely people. and the muffins sell as "two for one" after 5pm ($1.50 for two).

dado tea is at 955 mass. ave in cambridge, between the central and harvard T stops.

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