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For those who want MSG, how much should you use?


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For those who want MSG, how much should you use?

Photis | Jan 18, 2004 01:28 AM

No need for an MSG-causes-headaches debate (there is a good one a few posts below). I have a simple question: if I want to cook with MSG, how much should I use?

Most of the foodie world and cookbooks discourage MSG and they don't seem to give an answer. Is there some type of rule of thumb? A pound of meat and how much MSG? Are there any foods that take well to MSG? Any foods that it shouldn't touch. Can it be used for meats and vegetables? Are there differences if it's added early in the cooking process of late? Is it only good for cooked foods? Should it be used with salt or instead of salt? Is it better to use seaweed paste than the commercial crystal?

Please educate me on the proper use of MSG. Any and all knowledge welcome!

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