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Who Moved my Grits?...service rant


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Who Moved my Grits?...service rant

janet of reno | Nov 1, 2005 01:43 AM

Yesterday I found myself staying alone in a town known for its empty downtown on Sundays. The hotel restaurant was boring, so I decided to take a walk and try and find something open (You would think there would be a few bars hopping...after all, a sold-out NFL game had been played a few blocks away earlier in the afternoon; the home team had won, and the weather was perfect....but noooooo....).I wandered past a restaurant I had eaten at a year or so ago, and remembered that they had a shrimp and grits special that set the bar for that particular dish. They were open, and not far, so good. After all, the best part of traveling in the south is the prospect of eating grits. Alas, shrimp and grits not on the menu Sunday. But they did have a dish advertised as beef short ribs, served with cheesy grits and greens. Sounds good...Waiter informs me that the dish is made with pork, and not ribs. OK, that's fine. I really wanted the grits and the greens anyway. So the dish comes out, and when I go to eat there are barbqued beans where the grits should be. Now they were tasty enough, but they weren't grits. So all this is my long rant to ask: is it reasonable to assume that the restaurant will let you know if they change the advertised side dishes??? Am I being too picky?

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