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Moved in with fiance...what do I cook??


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Moved in with fiance...what do I cook??

mels88 | Mar 30, 2009 08:17 PM

Hi guys! :) I'm new to the boards. I was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips?

My fiance and I just moved in together, and when it comes to cooking I'm pretty panicked! He and I have cooked for each other before, but only every once in a while. Not every day! And worse, my fiance eats...a lot. Leftovers don't last more than a day. I'm content with fish and rice for dinner but he needs potatoes, red meat, etc. etc. I run out of ideas for quick, not so challenging meals to cook for him pretty easily.

I'm a beginner cook. I can make some pretty good meals, but the dishes I've mastered are a handful. People like my Italian dishes. And as for him, he owns at making steak and spaghetti. That's about it.

Does anyone know of any really good meals I can prepare? Or does anyone have any tips on how to approach this new situation? I'm a Nursing student and I work 32 hours a week, so I don't have a whole bunch of time to cook, but I do enjoy a hearty meal. I just get overwhelmed when I check out some recipes...they list ingredients that I don't always have. Any advice would be really appreciated. As you can tell, I'm very very new to this.


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