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Would you move?

rockandroller1 | Feb 23, 201209:52 AM

I'm trying hard to be more "mindful" when I eat lunch, instead of just grabbing a sandwich or bringing my lunch and just working through lunch and cramming the food in as I work. So when I go out to lunch these days, I try to sit and enjoy my lunch quietly and take my time.

I was at a busy lunch place today. This is the type of place that has dozens of community tables, like a big cafeteria, and you get your lunch from any of a dozen or so "stations" that serve different types of food. There are a few booths along one wall, but all the rest is community seating. Although it's very busy, there are always plenty of seats as people come and go fairly quickly, and today was no exception.

I got my lunch, was eating it and reading a story on my phone. I was sitting towards the end of a long lunch table, 2nd seat from the end on one side. I was about 2/3 of the way through my meal when a group of 4 young men came to where I was sitting with their trays, and the one guy says to me, "Are you waiting for someone?" and I said no and he said, "Would you mind moving down a couple of seats? We have 4 people and want to sit here," gesturing and indicating the end of the table.

There were 4 seats all together towards the middle of the table (2 on each side), and plenty of room for the same setup at several other tables I quickly glanced up and saw . I was super annoyed. Because I am a lone diner, my lunch doesn't count and I should pick up and move to accommodate these guys? I was just pissed and I got up and took my tray and dumped it in the garbage and left. I gave the guy a nasty look as I was leaving the garbage area and he looked at me like I was crazy.

I would not have felt comfortable just looking up at all 4 of them standing there staring at me and saying, "No, I wouldn't," and calmly going back to eating my lunch. I guess I was just more annoyed than that, or I'm not Miss Manners enough to pull it off.

Am I just a crazy old, get off my lawn lady? Would you have just politely moved because you are one diner and oh, they have four and who cares if you're still eating? Maybe I'm just not a nice person.

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