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dinwiddie | May 19, 2003 11:49 AM

I recently ate at the Mosaic Cafe in Rockville. It took over the space that Woodside Deli occupied on Halpine Rd.

They have done a nice job in redecorating the place. The walls are a soft golden yellow and there are modern looking light fixtures. Otherwise the interior is pretty much the same. Can't say the same for the food however.

We had gone expecting to go to have Deli since Woodside is a favorite of ours. Now there are very few deli foods available. They are featuring "waffle sandwichs" of several types. They also have salads and breakfast, some deli sandwiches, and several types of eggs benedict.

My son ordered a Reuban and a cup of tomato basel soup. I asked for a Pastrami Reuban. My wife ordered an egg and bacon platter. The waitress came back to say that the kitchen had run out of sourkraut and did we want the sandwichs without it. The boy said OK, I said no and ordered the classic Eggs Benedict, with Canadian bacon (a favorite of mine).

The service was pretty bad. Slow and forgetful. Twice they tried to deliver someone else's meal to our table (and there were only 6 ttables filled int eh place) The boy's soup came after he had finished half his sandwich even though he said he wanted to start with the soup. He did say that the soup, however, was very good, thick and creamy if a little sweet for my taste. My eggs were poached hard, not runny at all, and the holindaise sauce was cold. My wife's platter came as a waffle sandwich. The iced tea however, was very good.

When we asked for the check the waitress said the other guy was totaling it. After 5 minutes, he came by and asked if we wanted the check (must have been the fact that we were standing at the table with jackets in hand) then it took 5 more minutes to get it.

They may be ok, but they need time to shake out the service and bugs. I am not impressed with the waffle sandwiches and miss the Woodside. Considering how many places there are to eat in Rockville, I'll probably not return very often.

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