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Mortons is a rip off.

stonegenie | Aug 16, 2010 07:07 PM

I went to Mortons recently for my 27th birthday celebration. I feel that a number of other steakhouses would have provided better value and better food. I have been there twice before, but I was much younger. I have also been to Ruths Chris as well as Harbour 60. I feel that for the money, Ruths or Harbour 60 would have been a much better choice and the Keg could have provided a meal of equal or better quality for way less.

The Meal: Most of us got their fixed price menu @ 125.00 for two

The meal included a salad (caesar or mortons), a single cut filet (up-gradeable for an extra charge), choice of seafood side (3 bacon wrapped scallops, or 1 crab cake), choice of side, and choice of dessert.

The caesar salad was very weak and on its own cost like 12 or 14 dollars, I cant remember exactly, but for an appetizer salad it was expensive and underwhelming to say the least. It had no bacon, parmesan that tasted like kraft, and a fairly bland dressing. It tasted like a store bought grocery store salad. Not what I expect for that money or a place that claims the caliber of food that Mortons does.

The steak i ordered was the double cut filet ( I upgraded) and my GF ordered the single cut. Both were very thick, perfectly cooked and tasted excellent. It was the highlight of both our meals. The scallops that accompanied my GF's meal were very over cooked and needed to be sent back. The ones that replaced them were properly cooked and tasty but still not as good as the scallops at the keg. My crab cake was ok at best and was hardly a cake because it looked as though it had been damaged during plating and was in pieces. It was also pretty dry. I have had better at local pubs.

The side dishes were nothing special either. My GF got the Asparagus and I got the French Fries. The asparagus was ok but the french fries were very similar to McCain's. They actually serve frozen fries at this place and they cost 10 dollars on their own. I think that this is absolutely ridiculous. For that money they should be Fresh Cut and delicious. Again, I have had better at the local pub or even Swiss Chalet.

For dessert I had the Hot Lava Cake and my GF had the Key lime pie. The lava cake was good, but I do have a bit of a soft spot for this dessert. The Key lime pie was ok but not worth the cost; like the rest of the meal.

I much preferred Harbour 60, The Keg and Ruths Chris. It is unethical that a restaurant thinks its okay to charge so much money for mediocre food. Mortons is trying to charge based on a reputation rather than quality.

For the amount of Money they charge at Mortons, one could eat at any of the high end steakhouses in Toronto, and I recommend any of them over Mortons. The Keg is just as good IMHO and way cheaper.

If I could do it again, I would try Jacob's instead or go back to Harbour 60.

I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of going there.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Anyone have steakhouse recommendations?

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