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Okay, fairly poor pickings. Nothing new here, just new to me. A sign of how it's going downtown that I've been grabbing a quick bite rather than seeking out real meals.

The culinary highlight of the month was definitely Medicine, as previously posted. I was back for a return visit on Friday, and it was packed. We also took a much needed cable car excursion with picnic from Cafe Madeleine.

Taylor's Refresher--fried chicken strips and fries. Hideous ambiance:cold steel and chairs that remind me of the furniture my mom used to have out by the pool. The beepers reminded me of prison monitoring devices; at least they fry the chicken to order. To make matters worse a pigeon flew in during lunch. The chicken is pretty tasty though. Skip the fries.

Mijita--okay, unlike most folks here, I liked my tacos, even as I winced at the prices. Carnitas were flavorful and a decent portion, and so was jamaica. My wallet was a lot emptier. Chips were good, even though you have to buy em. I also like the pigskin chairs, even if they're hard to get out of.

Boulette's Larder--superb mezze platter and a Po Boy unlike any you would have enjoyed in NOLA. Tablecloth service out on the pier is almost elegant--the people at the next table drank champagne for lunch. Unfortunately I was under too much stress to enjoy. Apparently you can call ahead and reserve a spot outside, recommended on weekends.

Schroeder's--I got schnitzel and spaztle--heavy but hit the spot accompanied by a pint of yummy wheat beer. Surprisingly, Schroeder's is used for all kinds of political meetings by progressive groups. The murals alone are worth a visit, and polka night has been recommended.

Crepes and Curry in Embarcadero One--crepes made to order. Or Thai food. Split personality for such a small venue. My ham and cheese with spinach was okay. Ti Couz this is not. Next time I'll try the Thai.

What's Up Dog?--ran into Shocker on his way back carrying two dogs so I had to go. Plus they opened another one on Pine, right up the street. (Looking forward to checking out the Seafood Shack that Zach just wrote up) I had a calabrese with yellow mustard and sauerkraut, plus a diet Coke and bbq potato chips. Perfect under $5 meal, although I'd sure prefer a toasted bun. Fries looked good. Anyone tried their pastrami?

in the cocktail sector:
John Colins in the old Mr. Ralph's space on Natoma--where else do they wash down the bar with vodka? Colin's a great host, and the drinks are Orbit Room good. The after work vibe is stylin' with surf movies on the wall; still a bit empty late at night. Tender Tuesdays with $3 commemorativo margaritas are a deal, but the passionfruit mojito's pretty tasty too.

As we learned throwing going away drinks for yet another colleague, Royal Exchange has a private room in the back corner, which you can reserve. Perhaps the only place in the building that you can hear on a Friday after work.

The guy from Massimo at Embarcadero assures me that the omelets at their other location rock. Can anyone confirm? He also told me they're looking for a new DJ.

RIP Harbor Village and Torrefazione

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