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Momofuku Ko dinner

puddingcup | Mar 17, 2011 09:21 AM

Hello everyone, this is my first post on these boards, though I've been a reader for some time. My husband and I ate at Momofuku Ko last night for our anniversary and I thought some of you might be interested in what the menu was. As you probably know, they don't allow photos, so I took notes on my phone about the courses. Please forgive any slip ups.

1 dashi with king oyster and matsutake mushrooms and culantro (not a typo)
2 chicharone with togarashi salt
3 crab ravioli with honey vinegar
4 long island fluke with spicy whipped buttermilk and poppy seeds
5 spanish mackerel tataki with beet apple puree, cabbage and puffed black rice
6 potato daikon soup with lamb, roasted brussel sprout leaves, artichokes and wood sorrel
7 soft boiled hillcrest farm egg with hasselback caviar, onion soubise and fingerling potato chips
8 ricotta cavatelli with fried beef tongue, crispy sauerkraut and fresh horseradish
9 marcona almond crusted skate wing with almond foam, seragnola olive, charred cauliflower and water chestnut
10 hudson valley foie gras with riesling jelly, lychees and pine nut brittle
11 muscovy duck breast with chinese mustard greens, tokyo turnip with pumpernickel dust
12 sancho apple cider sorbet with apple compote, burnt rosemary and apple soda
13 donuts, one with parsnip glaze, one with crushed hazelnuts, parsnip and caramel ice cream, caramelized white chocolate and brown butter solids with parsley

My favorite dish was the potato soup, believe it or not. The cauliflower and artichokes had such a lovely, nutty flavor. My husband's favorite was the mackerel, but he also loved the fluke. We both loved the egg and caviar dish.

The meal was great, though not "life changing" as I've seen on these boards. In general, I was impressed by many of the vegetables, they had so much flavor, and were great accents to the dish they were a part of (in addition to what I've mentioned, I loved the tiny pieces of potato chips, olive, cauiflower, and water chestnut). And I'm not even a big vegetable person. I was less taken with many of the proteins, but then I've never really liked skate. I love duck, and also beef tongue, and these were good, but not amazing. My husband remarked how the dish washer must have a pretty easy job of it, because the plates that were taken away were eaten so clean.

The famous grated foie gras dish was a lot of fun, it was fruity and relatively light. It was really like a sundae, complete with crispy bits.

I was disappointed that the donuts were cold. I think serving them warm would have made an enormous difference, too heavy, otherwise. The parsnip ice cream with salty chocolate and butter bits was good. (In general, I don't like making savory dishes sweet and vice versa, just for the trendiness of it, but I thought the foie gras and salty chocolate parsley dessert were great examples of that kind of twist.)

Portions were just right. We were full after the meal but not too much so.

I didn't even notice the music for most of the dinner, so they must have toned the volume down. I heard Jay-Z at one point, but very quietly.

Seats - yep, uncomfortable, but bearable.

Staff - yep, standoffish, especially the one waitress who sets all of the silverware. She only smiled once, when were were leaving, and she smiled so big then it looked really uncomfortable. The chefs were pretty quiet, but at the end of the evening, we were talking to one and he just seemed like a shy guy.

While were were eating our last course, the chefs started cleaning up of the kitchen area. This didn't bother us, because I love watching backstage stuff like that. They did a really fast clean up job. We noticed that one chef didn't do any cleaning and my husband said, I see what the hierarchy here is.

Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves and I feel so grateful we got to eat there. I love food (sigh).

Momofuku Ko
163 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

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