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"Please, momma, tell me about ChowNews?" "All right, sonny-boy!"

Thi N. | Dec 7, 200103:35 AM     20

So, ChowNews:

First thing: for LA, ChowNews is gonna be me. Basically. With lots of other people helping - but I'll be the writer, the producer, l'artiste de chau, or whatever you wish. Chosen for you (total surprise to me, let me tell you) by our beloved Leader Leff.

If you haven't heard, Chowhound needs money to survive. Gifts are nice and lovely and help our beloved leader out of debt, but Chowhound needs a *server*, and servers are a regular damn monthly cost, and to take care of a regular cost Chowhound needs more than a single donation - it needs regular income.

Solution is simple, says Mr. Leff. Do not depend on simple kindness. Do not depend on charity. Offer a regular service. A worthwhile one. A good one. A kind one. One that makes people happy and wise and well-fed and better, more beautiful souls.

Solution is: a weekly newsletter, which will cost less than $3 a month, which, at least from my point of view, is slightly less than the cost of ONE HALF A ZANKOU CHICKEN. If you WASTE MORE THAN $3 a month because you couldn't think of a place to go and *didn't have time to surf the board for half-an-hour" and ended up having crap-ass Sweet 'N Sour Suck at Chez Chop-Suey da Looey or something, then you are terrible and wrong and your life is terrible but it can be fixed simply. As follows:

So: ChowNews. The magical newsletter of love. Each week, I'll be reading the *everything* on the board, consulting with my network of spies, ringers, and food-loving evil-doers, and then putting together a happy summary of what we think are the best reccs of the week, in short, snazzy, compact, easy-to-print-and-carry-in-your-breast-pocket-and-crease-up-and-cover-with-stains-and-pass-on-to-your-children form. With:

Restaurant names.
Restaurant addresses.
Links to maps to the restaurant.
Summaries of commentaries on the restaurant.
Recommended dishes obout the restaurant.
Summaries of other interesting threads from LA.

To which will be added:
shining happy summaries of general topics and articles and all sorts of other things that you can find out at the main page, or at Jim Leff's post, below.

And me: I'll ramble if you want. Or I'll shut up if you want. Anything - I'm flexible.

I can put the rambling at the end. So you busy people can skip it.

Think of it! Thi! Rambling for you! In e-mails! Special rambles, that only ChowNews subscribers will get! It'll be an utterly unique experience, which you will share only with my roommate, the people in my philosophy program, all the people who are at the booth next to me after the fourth beer at Ye Olde Rustic, the people near me in Tower Records when I forget my meds.

It'll be just like you're my girlfriend, and I've woken up from a dream about goat stew. "Mmmm... ... tender... stringy... ... tasty chupacabras... taco bell dog..." (direct transcript provided by my girlfriend of me at 3 AM last night, thank you.)

Once again: boards are great, but take time. We have no time. We are busy people in a world on the brink of destruction. We must zip to places in our cars. Most of us do not have internet connections in our cars. But! A solution appears on the horizon! ChowNews! ChowNews! Charging down the hill to your printer! Links to maps! Solutions to your math homework! Directions to The Garden of Delights! Restaurant summaries!

Please subscribe. It will be good for you. You will have summaries. It will keep Chowhound running for us all. God help me if I don't have Chowhound. I'd have to turn to Zagats. God save us all from that.

That is all.



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