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All Mollie Stone’s are not the same ... what’s MollieLand like for you?

rworange | Oct 14, 200605:42 PM     15

I just discovered the wonderfulness that is Mollie Stone in Greenbrae. While checking the website to see if the Sausalito store was as good, I found that each Mollie Stone is different.

Some even have MollieLand, a supervised play area for children while you shop. MollieVision tv’s are placed throughout the store so you can keep an eye on the activity at Mollieland. No cheating and trying for free babysitting. If they page you and you’re not there ... well, if you don’t play by their rules they’ll “ask you nicely not to use Mollieland again.” Hmm, sounds familiar.

Sausalito has an outdoor dining area which is right around the block from Fish. So does it have a great Bay View too? Is the deli any good?

They have a nice website too where weekly specials can be easily checked on line. Here’s a few of the features from various stores:

- Fishing Boat Orders (what does that mean? Orders for your boat or ordering fish off a boat?)
- Bait & Weights
- Outside Dining
- Southern Marin's Best Wine Selection (or so they say)
- Voted Marin's best fresh squeezed orange juice

San Bruno
- Mollieland with Mollievision
- 16' Salad Bar
- Artisan Bread Bakery
- PEET'S Coffee
(Ok, you can cheat a little. Have lunch here with friends while Mollie baby-sits)

San Mateo
- Mollieland with Mollievision
- Fresh Tortilla Factory
- Tortilleria
- Burrito Bar
- Live Lobsters, Crabs, Catfish
- Fresh Hanging Beef
- Aged Meat
- Fresh Ground Wheat Flour Mill
- Freshly Ground Peanut Butter Machine
- Vegan Foods
- Extensive Gourmet Food Selection
- Extensive Natural Foods
- Large International Food Selection
Yeah, this sounds like it could be the top Mollie Stone

Palo Alto
- Kiddie Rides
- Animatronics Entertainment
- California's Largest Kosher Food Department: Dairy, Deli, Meat, Frozen, Grocery
- Fresh Certified Kosher Meat Dept
- Fabulous wine selection including Kosher wines (according to Mollie)
- Summer Outdoor BBQ
- 16' Salad Bar
- Extensive Natural & Organic Food

- Large International Cheese Department
- Sushi Bar
- Aged Meat
- International Foods
- Gourmet Foods
- Fresh Onsite Bakery

San Francisco (California Street)
- Mollie Bus
- Home Delivery
Yeah, no wonder I was never that impressed with the SF store. Other than that there’s just the stuff that is standard at the other Mollie stores)

San Francisco (formerly Tower Market)
Yeah, nothing unique, but as long as they keep it like it was when it was Tower Markets, that’s a good thing. They had a nice deli and small, but good and helpful wine department.

- Full Service Wine Dept (I’ll vouch for that. Pretty terrific)
- Organic Artisan Bread Bakery
- Aged Meat
- Organic Produce (yeah every market has it, but it is actually good here)
- Bulk Spices, Honey & Peanut Butter (pretty nice here too)
- Live Lobsters
My tribute to the Greenbrae store

As the infomercials say ... there’s much more, but these were the more unique features of each market. Here’s the market website for more info.

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