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Moka pot bewing help

ashleysigh | Mar 5, 201207:28 PM

When I first purchased my pot, I had an issue with too much sediment in the brew. I bought a can of Illy moka coffee, and there was no sediment at all when I brewed it. I also noticed that the coffee came up very slowly when I used the Illy moka coffee, as opposed to how quickly it would come up when I was using coffee I ground myself using a cheap burr grinder. I've tried MANY different grind sizes (from medium to extra fine), and still get lots of sediment. I figured my grinder just sucked (which it does). So recently I ground locally roasted beans in-store, using a setting finer than drip but coarser than espresso, and still got bad brew.

I didn't change my brewing steps from using the Illy coffee to freshly ground coffee, so I'm not sure what else I can do. I fill the basket up, but do not tamp it. Set it to medium heat. Take it off as soon as it gurgles. Any tips? Do I just need a better grinder?

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