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Mint Mojito

mojito mint vs mojito lime


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mojito mint vs mojito lime

Jambalaya | Aug 28, 2003 03:50 PM

I am hoping some of you more knowledgeable folks can help straighten me out. When ever I go to Brasil I drink caipiroskas (vodka, lime, sugar). On my most recent visit I happened to be working with an American who was born in Cuba and spent most of his early lifetime on the island, but is now living in the states. I had always thought a mojito was nothing more than a caipiroska with rum instead of vodka and he indicated that was the case. Now lately I have run into several discussions about mojitos (they seem to be getting more popular for some reason) indicating they are rum, mint and sugar water. What's the deal? Should I be calling the mixture of rum, lime and sugar something else?

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