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Moeder's, Amsterdam, Netherlands (and misc Amsterdam notes)

Limster | Aug 14, 200305:49 PM

A poster of Almodovar's "All about my mother" that hangs in the far wall accurately describes the pleasant and cheerful interiors, where photos of mums from countless customers tile the walls.

It's also a good description of the traditional home cooking, which the menu describes honestly and with subtle pride, like a mom refering to her child.

For those wanting a cross-section of the menu, they offer riceplates, but only for two or more I think. I had to settle for a regular entree, but the sweet and helpful waitress said that they could add a few more items to my dish to make it a more complete experience.

Hotchspotch or hutspot or something like that (sorry, poor linguistic memory, I hope I remembered the right dish name) is thoroughly home cooked. A big ring of mashed potatoes with many flecks of carrot encircle gooooood intense unthickened beef gravy (there's an extra bowl of that on the side, you'll want it). It's so good I want to drink it straight, but I thought it more sensible and polite to mix it with the mashed potatoes and carrots, to bring in the vegetable sweetness and creamy potato into the meaty waters.

Laid out on the ring of potatoes are various cuts of meat, a fine if undistinguished sausage, an awesome deep flavoured meatball, a very crispy pile of bacon and two kinds of stewed meat, both hearty but tender.

Dessert is even better. The pancakes have that thin pliant texture that characterizes some of the best xiao long bao I've had. It's delicate, but will stretch a wee bit in a chew. They're filled with a thick luxuriant vanilla sauce, and beautiful with a remarkable cherry jam, dark and concentrated fruit all over, playing against the bright vanilla. It's all a bit sweet, but becomes just right with some vanilla ice cream that tames the sweetness with a bit of chilly richness.


Some miscellanous notes:

Only had a night there, but did some walking around, and noticed a few places that intrigued me. Didn't try them, but wondering if they are good.

Turkish pastisserie on Rozengracht (near Moeder's) -- white clean interiors, and what looked like fruit candy in the window.

A neon white Thai Fast Food on Rozengracht, on the corner, also near Moeder's.

Hong Kong place near the centre of town where the square and fountain are -- menu looks fairly extensive.

Sichuan place on Warmoesstraat has a small number of genuine sichuan dishes on the menu, might be worth trying.

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