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Am I missing something without cable?


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Am I missing something without cable?

Passadumkeg | Jun 19, 2008 02:06 AM

I read these threads about Food Channel shows and chef personalities and feel like I am in a foreigh country (planet?). We live in reral Maine and I have only recently installed an aerial on my roof. Cable access runs in front of the house, but it doesn't seem like a high priority. I read here of the passionate discussions about food personalities and wonder who they are. I found out about Anthony Boudain, because I stumbled upon 2 of his books in our local public library. Calvin Trillan is my food hero...from his books and I read Mr. Gold's column column in the LA Weekly. My question is that am I really missing something? I have, on the other hand rebuilt an old British motorcycle and a '67 VW bus the last few winters. and have a wonderful wife whom I love dearly. Is the Food Netwark an urban phenonomon or am I really missing something? Take it easy on me.

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