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Misleading food names


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Misleading food names

rworange | May 19, 2006 02:43 PM

Looking around for information about different types of enchiladas, I came across this link with names that don't have anything to do with the ingrediants or place of origin.

Enchilada suiza were not invented in Switzerland. I don't know how true this is but it says that the name might have originated with Swiss Mennonite dairy farmers who live in Mexico. Not THAT'S something I need to look up. Swiss Mennonites in Mexico? Where? How did that happen?

It answered a question for me that I got little response ...

"Chicken Maryland - batter fried (usually boneless) chicken, served with pineapple, ham or fried bananas. While often found in British Commonwealth countries, especially in Southeast Asia, unknown in the state of Maryland."

Well, no wonder no one in Maryland knew what it was. Now I'm going to have to track down where I saw this and give it a try.

There are little tidbits of info like Pico de gallo ("Rooster's beak") if properly made hurts like eating roosters beaks ... no beaks or rooster though.

Also, though everyone knows that French fries are not French, it opines that the name might have come from the cooking term 'french' which is to cut into strips. Heck, I didn't even know that WAS a cooking term.

It has some food I've never heard of before like Boston Coolers served in Michigan, unknown in Boston. No kidding. I lived five years in Boston and this was the first mention I heard of them.

Wikipedia is doing a little clean up of this article, but it is often on target and often funny ...

"Bimbo brand bread. Not made by nor necessarily intended for consumption by bimbos. The word Bimbo just a brand name in Spanish"

Hmmm ... lobster sauce should be on the list since it is not made of lobster.


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