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Minor Suggestion for my Chow


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Minor Suggestion for my Chow

David Ford | Jul 14, 2006 06:08 AM

Hello Chowhound Team,

I have a suggestion for the My Recent Posts list on our my Chow page that I think may be of benefit to all.

I have been using the My Recent Posts list to "follow" the conversations some of my favorite 'hounds have been having on the boards. Sort of like a modified form of tracking, but anonymous and with the added context of the full thread.

Here is the thing. The list provides the 10 most current threads the user has participated in -- which is great and I appreciate -- but does nothing to acknowledge when that user returns to one of the older threads and re-posts for the second, third or higher occasion. In other words, the My Recent Posts list is set to "Date Started" for its default view.

With this in mind, I'm hoping that it would not be too much to ask for you to either modify the default view of the list or at least offer an option to list by "Latest Reply", in a similar fashion that we have access to on the board pages. In this way, one would be able to use the list more fully to track the given user's posting record, and therefore more easily follow them in this way.


P.S. Hot Posts is awesome! Thanks for bringing it back -- better and more usable than before. :-)

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