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Mini Vinny's, Georgetown, CT - Smell the BBQ!

TrishUntrapped | Jan 6, 201204:51 PM

Although I mentioned this place briefly in another post, I had lunch today at Mini Vinny's and I think it deserves its own special mention. They serve barbecue, good barbecue, especially good pulled pork.

Mini Vinny's is a little deli located in the Georgetown section of Redding, technically 12 Old Mill Road, but it's really right on Route 57, Georgetown Road, far across the road from Rancho Allegre.

They serve breakfast and lunch, and my co-workers and I would get sandwiches quite often when my newspaper office was across the street. We've since moved to Ridgefield so visits to Mini Vinny's have been few and far between.

A couple years ago the father-in-law of the owner Vinny Marsili built a meat smoker for him and once that smoker started going the deli started focusing on serving barbecued meat like beef ribs, pork ribs, pulled pork, chicken and brisket. You can't miss the smoker, it's right in front of the deli. You can smell the barbecue as it cooks.

I stopped in a while back and had my first taste of the pulled pork. It was tender and had a nice depth of smoky flavor that you can't get when you cook pork in an oven. I really liked it. So today I stopped by and had more pulled pork, and also tried the beef rib and pork rib (Only a couple bites of those, hubby got the rest.) They have two sauces - tangy barbecue or horseradish. I liked adding some barbecue sauce to the pulled pork, while my husband gave the thumbs up to the horseradish sauce.

The pork rib was nice, the meat was tender yet the outside was quite crisp and blackened. The beef rib was massive, Fred Flintstone-like and hubby gnawed at it happily. I think when it comes to barbecue I prefer pulled pork overall.

If you happen to be in the area, stop by. They make their barbecue fresh each day, and they are really nice too. Seeing them today, I really missed them. My new office is next door to a Subway restaurant. No comparison.

Photos: 1. Storefront. 2. Front of Smoker. 3. Back of Smoker. 4. Pulled Pork. 5. Beef Rib. 6. Pork Rib. 7. Barbecue Sauce. 8 .Horseradish Sauce.

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