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Miller "High Life" $11.50 burger ad


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Miller "High Life" $11.50 burger ad

baltoellen | Jul 11, 2007 09:57 AM

I don't watch tons of TV, and when I do, generally avoid watching ads for beer since they seem to be of the scantily clad women gyrating to music...but, last night, during the All Star game I saw a great and Chowhoundish ad.

If you missed it, it's basically a Miller beer truck driver stopping outside a little bistro, grabbing a menu for a waiting patron, and seeing that the restaurant charges $11.50 for a burger. The driver barges into the kitchen, to the dismay of the very well heeled restaurant owner, and says something about an $11.50 burger being ridiculous, and not in keeping the with 'High Life" lifestyle. The driver and his workers take a hand cart, and take the beer from the fridge.

Anyway, I thought it was a fascinating glimpse of food and class, and reminded me of some discussions people have here regarding eating at dives or more or less fine dining.

I wonder if anyone else saw this ad, had thoughts on it, or thinks that $11.50 actually IS too much to pay for a burger?


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