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Got No Milk - Should We Eat Milk?


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Got No Milk - Should We Eat Milk?

StriperGuy | Dec 27, 2002 12:21 PM

The earlier thread about milk consumption in Asia got me thinking about eating milk and dairy products in general.

Just for the record I love ice cream, cheese, milk and cookies, Captain Crunch, brownies, etc.

But I have heard many criticisms of milk in the diet.

My dad loves dairy, but does not eat it because it makes his asthma worse.

Many folks can't handle lactose.

There have been several studies linking dairy consumption to diabetes and more recently to prostate cancer.

And excess consumption of saturated fat (dairy is an excellent source) is pretty well linked to heart disease and other ailments.

To segway back to the Asia milk thread for a sec., soy, the dairy of Asia, has none of these risks, and in fact has many health benefits.

Most creatures in the mammalian world don't eat milk after they grow out of infancy.

And I've always felt that drinking the glandular secretions of a large ruminant was just a little weird.

If I think about it too hard it always makes me a bit squeamish. Though admittedly, lots of foodstuffs are that way. I mean milk is for baby animals, not grown adults of another species.

To a some extent I am playing the devil's advocate here, but... food for thought?

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