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milk and cookies bakery review (long-ish)


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milk and cookies bakery review (long-ish)

Jessica | May 3, 2005 12:10 AM

Went on Sunday around 4pm. Smalll line, and moved quickly.
My experience was so-so...The cookies were quite good, but there is only so much you can do with a cookie, you know? I had a chocolate chip, a chocolate mint, and a chocolate cookie w/ dried cranberries and white chocolate. The first and last were tasty, moist and sweet. The chocolate mint dissapointed though--it wasn't sweet at all and waaaay to crumbly: more of a brownie consistency rather than a cookie, but definitly not good. I wasn't thrilled with the flavor combination, but that might have been the result of the lack of sugar?
I though the price was reasonable ($2.71 after tax for three). But I have some complaints:
-its HOT in there! I know its a bakery and all, but this is going to be problematic in the summer unless they get fans or open windows.
-The woman taking the orders and the cashier were total dimwits. they kind of stared blankly when I tried to order and give my money. someone needs a lesson in customer service! (I heard one girl saying how the cashier 'didn't feel like doing math that day' when she tried to give her some change after having given bills.
-I usually don't care what people behind the counter look like, but the woman behind the counter (not sure if she is the owner) was really SKINNY...could see the veins in her arms! it was a little off-putting being that this was a high-fat eatery and she seemed, well, anorexic.
-also, it is hard to see the lables on the cookies, especially since the traffic flow tended to gather around the display. A large posting of the cookies and prices would be better than the current small menu on the side of the wall. and there seeemed to be a lack of napkins.

I understand that this place is new and working out some kinks, so I will likely return in a few weeks.
anyone else have good or bad experiences?

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