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Microwave popcorn fail


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Microwave popcorn fail

shallots | Aug 12, 2012 07:25 PM

My husband prefers microwaved popcorn. I love him and I don't like microwaved popcorn.

I have been griping about the reduced sizes of things foodish for the same price as six months ago and he finally listened when he bought more MW popcorn and it incinerated in our microwave. We have a nice microwave with assorted automatic choices. The popcorn choices included 3.5oz and he worked out the time for the 3.25 package. Well, they've reduced the size again down to 2.95 oz and he's getting tired of wasting popcorn trying to determine the new time. (Wasting popcorn bothers him big time.)

I learned several years ago that just because something looks like the old one pound size, that doesn't mean it has kept the same size.

I just wanted to share this in case someone else is getting tired of the aroma of burned microwave popcorn in an airconditioned house with no outside-inside airflow.

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