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Mexican Oregano

MazDee | Oct 24, 200910:14 PM

I keep reading recipes that say "use Mexican oregano." Since I live in México, and buy oregano here, I always figured it WAS Mexican oregano. Then, I was visiting Lake Chapala, and went to a farm festival. They were selling plants of all kinds, including Mexican oregano, which has BIG leaves and doesn't look anything like the oregano we usually eat. I am astounded! This is an entirely different plant, as far as I can see. I didn't have the courage to steal a leaf and taste it, unfortunately. Nor could I take one home, since I was travelling by bus. Is this plant really that common up north? I don't think a botanist would even call this thing oregano. Does anyone know how it tastes, as compared with the oregano we all buy and use? So sorry I didn't try it!

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