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Mexican Moles in America Media

ciaogina | Jan 5, 2007 03:55 PM

***edited for typo in subject line*** American

Over on the SF board there's a discussion on moles in the Bay Area. It got me thinking about the perception and understanding of moles in America.

Moles in Mexico are complex and important "sauces" (for lack of an immediate better word) in the food culture there.

What my rant here is about is thtat I've noticed that TV chefs while maybe curious about them have taken to preparing them in a very rough manner. The key component of a mole and its complexity is the methodolgy--the searing, the cooking time, quality of ingredients, # of ingredients etc. I've also noticed that what's called a mole is being loosely defined and at times limited to mole negro ("the chocolate one" as people say).

As I was saying to someone recently it upsets me that food cognescenti--radio, TV in particular--have such a limited knowledge of Mexican and Latin American food. They are so focused on the Western European. So when they given out info on Mex & LatAm food it's often wrong. However (this is where I lose sleep!) they have such large audiences that that info becomes the de facto (most Americans aren't as particular as us hounds).

Has anyone else noticed this about moles and the food media?

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