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Metal whisk in a copper bowl?

mateo21 | Jan 16, 200808:27 AM

I am trying to always expand my culinary experiences (as we all are, I assume), and this time I've chosen the mighty, the daunting, the tamer of culinary egos everywhere, the *gasp* Soufflé!!!

Ok -- now for the question. Of course, you're "suppose" to use a copper bowl when whipping egg-whites. The only copper bowls I have seen locally (made by a company called Metalaz...) say in the instructions "do NOT use metal utensils...". That's odd, I thought; how am I suppose to beat my egg-whites to soft peaks if not with a metal whisk? I don't think there is any chance of an adverse reaction with a stainless-steel whisk, so what gives? If it matters, this is one of those bowls that, if desired, could be left with the lacquer it shipped with on, thus stay pretty forever hanging uselessly on a wall -- could these be constructed differently than others designed for actual kitchen service? Thanks for any and all opinions.


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