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Menu Death Words

Dennis | Nov 8, 2003 09:08 AM


Are there any particular words describing a menu item
which, for you, is like the "kiss of death?"

That is, the very sight of this word alone causes you to completely eliminate that menu item as a possible selection for your order.

I've got one. One which I really only learned about.
One of my biggest "death words" is "glaze."

I have never really cared for anything that is "glazed." I can't even stand the sight of a ham or a chicken that glistens and shines with the coating of a "glaze."

How people can ever eat things like "honey glazed this" or "honey glazed that" I will never know.

Yuck! For some reason, I have never liked "sweet" dishes.

About two weeks ago, I went to a restaurant. One item on the menu caught my eye. It was described as a fresh salmon with a "Szechuan glaze."

Usually, I'm a sucker for any seafood entree that has the word "Szechuan" in it. So much so, in this instance, that I didn't even notice the "glaze" word.

I was disappointed. I just didn't like that icky sticky coating, in spite of the Szechuan flavor.

Then about a week later, I went to another restaurant, where I saw another salmon dish, described as having a chipolte chile "glaze."

I also love anything with a chipolte pepper influence.
This time I noticed the "glaze" word -- but then figured I was probably being narrow minded.

So, I ordered it anyway. And again, I was disappointed.

On both occasions, I felt that the "glazed" coating ruined the salmon.

Surely, there must be a way to prepare salmon in a Szechuan style, or with chipolte chile peppers, without having to resort to an icky sticky "glaze."

But I've learned my lesson. From now on, any menu item with the word "glaze" in it will be automatically eliminated.

Any other "menu death words" out there?


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