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MEAT GRINDING - What do you use?

meatn3 | May 7, 200811:07 AM

I am trying to decide what equipment to purchase for my sausage making quest. I suspect I will be making about 60 lbs. per year minimum. I am trying to decide between a stand-mixer with grinder attachments or a separate grinder. I have decided to purchase a separate stuffer - so the stuffer attachment option for the KA, etc. is not of use to me. Oh, I have weak hands, so I am not interested in the old fashioned elbow grease powered grinders!

I do have some space issues - very limited counter space & storage space in my kitchen.
I am not much of a baker - although I have fantasies of becoming proficient - so a stand mixer is not guaranteed much activity of that sort. But I do see a benefit in the mixer for mixing the grind for emulsion type sausages. Stand mixers I am considering are the KA Pro 600 and the Cuisinart 5.5 qt.

What do you use? Is it a work horse or can it just process small amounts? What has made you happy/unhappy with your equipment? Open to any advise and suggestions.These items are a substantial expenditure for me so I am trying to do my homework!

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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