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meat and verr verr wrong...


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meat and verr verr wrong...

purple goddess | Apr 18, 2007 11:07 PM

I just canna do it. Pineapple on Pizza.. or worse, Apricot Chicken **shudder** Figs and prunes belong on compotes NOT in stews, and currants in curry... BLECH!!!!!

Stone fruit in the occasional salad, I can stomach, but Ham and pineapple is WRONG, people VERRY VERRY WRONG!!!

IS it me??

Am I manifesting my early foodie angst at my mothers famous "cat's Vom" casserole (tinned pulped pineapple, a shredded left over roast chicken and dehydrated carrotss and peas in a cornflour glaze)

Perhaps a reaction to the early "chinese" cuisine, made famous by the ubiquitous "sweet and sour" pork

And syrup on bacon...


Is this a cultural thing, or are there others out there that think that sweet and sour is the combination of da debbil..

Anyone with me??

Agin me??

Want to try to convert me??

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