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The Meat We Eat

JudiAU | May 31, 200804:44 PM

Mr. JudiAU and I have been trying to move towards purchasing more of our meat and poultry from humane, sustainable, and ecologically sound producers for some time. It isn't really all that easy. It is tastier surely and better for the environment but unless you are buying in bulk there is a substantial premium. And just when I think I have one animal nailed down the producer changes or has a bad year or just can't sell to us any longer. I've also enjoyed buying whole or half animals and working my way through them. It seems respectful somehow to go through the process.

At the moment I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and have resolved to renew our effort. That, and the arrival of the Chow Pup, have really caused us to think about what we eat.

So, how much meat, poultry, and seafood does your household consume and where does it come from? I am curious to see how our consumption compares to other households. Do you have a good local supplier or mail order supplier? What qualities matter to you?

We are a family of three although the little one doesn't eat much. We eat out a fair amount and also entertain a lot.

Estimated 2007-2008 Consumption, in lbs unless otherwise noted

LAMB, mostly grass fed domestic but some imported
1/2 Lamb
10 Ground
3 Racks
3 legs

CHICKEN, pastured vegetarian
20 Whole
4 Legs
40 Stock Parts,

BEEF, prime or choice, dry-aged if possible, some grass fed
10 Stew
5 Short Ribs
5 Ground
3 Cheeks
10 Brisket
6 Fancy Steak
10 Less Fancy Steak

VEAL, free range
4 Stew/Shoulder

PORK, pastured
5 Pork Chops
20 Shoulder
5 Ribs
5 Belly
5 Loin
1 Leg
5 Backfat
5 Rib Chops

BISON, grass fed
10 Stew
3 Ground

4 Rabbits
2 Venison Racks
3 Ducks
2 Turkey Deli Meat

20 Fish, various
15 Salmon (curing)
6 Softshell Crab
16 Shrimp
2 Lobsters
12 oz. Fish Roe, various
5 jars Anchovies
5 cans Smoked Mackerel
8 cans Tuna, canned, low mercury

Fairly large quantities of purchase or house-cured guanciale, proscuitto, pancetta, cured sausage, and pate.

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