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McDonald's - A paean on the filet-o-fish (FOF)


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McDonald's - A paean on the filet-o-fish (FOF)

rworange | Jun 5, 2009 12:43 PM

It is as insidious as crack with its false promises and lies.

Eat fish… it is healthier … it whispers … muffled under layers of tartar sauce and a coat of melted cheese … its voice constrained by a fried coating.

And that is the genius of McDonald’s. They didn’t overdo it with lettuce. It knows what it is. Besides lettuce cools the sandwich and distracts from the soft comfort of each bite. Lettuce is jarring. It calls attention away from the fish. It wilts. That sort of softness is not a good thing. If one must have veggies, there is the catsup for the fries.

Opening the ocean blue paper clamshell box, the delicate round FOF is revealed. It is protected like an oyster in shell.

McDonald’s is scientific about buns for all its sandwiches. There is never too much or too little … it is always just right. There’s a slight sweetness to the bun contrasting with the tangy, classic, creamy sauce … McDonald’s does tartar sauce right. No pickle slice on the FOF, the tartar sauce provides that.

A thin, yet sturdy coating keeps the fish within juicy. The FOF is not afraid of of tasting like fish, the white square fillet, so to speak, nicely flaky and rarely overcooked or dry.

Should one choose the fries, there is that extra jolt of salt, evocative of the brisk ocean air. The American take of fish and chips.

It is a sandwich about all the elements working together yet letting the fish star as it should, the tartar sauce co-star .

Best paired with the orange drink … the delicate fish is complemented by the lighter floral yet Tangy flavor. While a cheeseburger can stand up to the bold taste of a cola, even bubbles are too sharp here.

It is an occasional treat to be savored as fois gras, lobster dipped in melted butter or decadent cake, too rich to eat every day.

- with acknowledgement to applehome, my muse for this post.


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