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Massaging kumquats – how do you eat them?

rworange | Feb 7, 200804:39 PM

Do you only eat the peal?

Do you eat the entire fruit? If that is the case, do you eat the seeds or remove them?

The first kumquat I tried was when I was nine. I diligently pealed the skin off, picked out each seed and ate the inside. Needless to say, I wasn’t fond of kumquats until I learned about the sweet skin. These days I eat them whole, usually seeds and all. I like the crunch they add.

This old Chowhound post and a few other web references mention massaging kumquats

“The clerk at the market yesterday told me she'd been told to roll them in her hand until the oils were either rubbed of or released (I was a little unclear about the point of rolling them). Said it made them less bitter.”

From the Chow ingredient record

“The Nagami kumquat … should be squeezed and massaged to combine the rind and flesh flavors before eating.”

I tried that but it didn’t seem to do much, but I’m not sure what variety it was.

A market near me had four different types of kumquats, some with pretty green leaves still attached. Some were two - three times the size of the usual kumquat and pear-shaped with juicy, less bitter pulp and few seeds. I don’t know which was which but the varieties were Fukushu, Nagamim, Kishu and plain old unnamed kumquat.

Some ideas for eating kumquats other than au natural in the first reply

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