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Masamoto VG question

dannynyc | Apr 15, 2011 09:53 AM

For the knife nuts out there:

I recently bought a Masamoto VG gyuto from the Korin store in New York. Since buying it, I have discovered from forums on something that many of you probably already knew -- the VG series is no longer made with VG-10, but rather the mysterious "Hyper Molybdenum Vanadium" steel. I now realize that Korin's website makes this clear, but you may be interested to know that despite the fact that this change apparently occurred some time ago, in the store there is a large display next to the knife series advertising it as being VG-10. Now I haven't had the knife for long and I'm pretty happy with it so far, but I'm wondering if I have been ripped off or duped, paying top dollar for a non-VG-10 knife that was advertised as being VG-10. I guess what I'd like to know is if anyone has an opinion on the quality of the steel on these current knives and whether it is worth making a stink over this. I mean, what is hyper molybdenum vanadium anyway? Is it any better than the CrMoV found on a Wusthof? Is it VG-5? VG-1? Is there any way to know? Most importantly, is there enough of a difference from VG-10 (in terms of sharpness and ability to hold an edge) that I should demand a refund and purchase a VG-10 knife from another maker (which I should be able to get for the same cost)?

Any opinions/insights are appreciated.

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