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Martini pairings and garnishes

tim irvine | Mar 4, 2017 05:36 PM

We recently had a bottle of Botanist and used our usual Dolin dry. The result was a little too soft, almost not a martini but my, what an amazing gin. Using a twist instead of an olive (bottled in vermouth, rinsed, I hate dirty martinis) helped. We started tinkering with gin vermouth pairings. Some gins need something more assertive like Vya or Noilly. Others don't. Some need a twist, some need an olive, and a few are even ok with a spear of pickled okra (marthibodeaux). Last night was Bombay and Noilly. I think I prefer Bombay with Dolin, but on a less sharp gin, such as a Boodles or even a Plymouth, I like a more flavorful vermouth. Anyone else engaged in this pastime? Anyone ever figure out what works best with Hendricks? I'm thinking it might be good with Lillet.

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