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S. M. Market Report, Le Pain and Famina! Now with Photos!


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S. M. Market Report, Le Pain and Famina! Now with Photos!

Dommy | Jul 10, 2006 04:29 AM

For my birthday this year I received a Digital Camera!! SO teased me that I was going to be the second coming of Perceptor with the darn thing. Sadly, I just haven’t made a habit of using it. So this weekend I started my active effort! And so in my first big snapshot expedition we met separate set of friends at the Promenade in Santa Monica this Saturday Morning

The first set, we had a wonderful breakfast at Le Pain de Quotidien. My first time there and I was impressed. It looks like your standard French Bakery, but everything is done FIRST class. I asked for apple juice and got a beautiful glass of unfiltered. Our friends asked for Coffee and received the cutest little carafes of cream and their own little kettle of brew. It was ‘brunch’ time so we ordered...

* Mushroom and Leek Quiche: This was a quiche unlike any I ever had. It was served square, amazingly fresh. It seemed like the most delicately folded omelet placed on a rich buttery crust. And it turned out to be the best Quiche I’ve had. (Even beating Europanes and Keller’s Bouchon!) I loved the texture and the flavors of the cheese and veggies really popped.

* The Fresh Mozzarella, Procuitto and Sundried Tomato Sandwich; This also came out a bit ‘unexpected’ as it was an open faced sandwich cut into a neat six slices. It looked like an Appetizer! But again, top notch ingredients, the most AMAZING bread. SO wasn’t complaining about it. .

Sadly, I forgot my camera!! But I swore I’d use it on our next stop, which was at the Farmer’s Market. But then I spotted something else off the corner of my eye, Famima! A perfect spot to start my snapshots! See:

And so I walked in and was instantly hit by the wall of Pocky! Including the new Pineapple Pocky! But after having to resist the desserts at Le Pain, I knew I couldn’t pick up a box... darn...

But SO still had some room after his dainty Sandwich. So he picked up a Mushroom and Chicken Bao from the a neat Bao Machine by the checker. It’s like the 7-11 Rollie Hot Dogs... but with BAO!! :) And it was quite tasty, with a nice bread, not stale or too chewy and the filling was well flavored, not too salty or sweet.

There were lots of other tasty treats that caught out eye, but we had to meet our friends at the Farmer’s Market...

Usually we go to the Market on Pico and Cloverfield. It’s small, we know the vendors and now there is a Mayo Corn guy there!! So I’ve never been to this market before and was IMPRESSED! I was in picture heaven as I saw...

* More and more tomatoes! The Heirlooms are starting to show, although the last few we bought haven’t been as mind blowing as the ones from late summer, these still are darn tasty!

* Interesting Eggplants. The standards where there, Globe, Indian, Japanese. But these green and white ones really stuck out...

* And More Yellow, as in yellow Plums! Yup! And tasty at that!!

* Italian Wax Beans. At first, I thought they were just white snap peas, but nope, a completely different beans

* Neat Armenian Cucumbers! Are these used like regular Cucumbers?

* FRESH Garbanzo beans. Another first for me as I wondered how Hummus might taste with these beauties!

* Baby EVERYTHING! Squash, Watermelon, Carrots. These Baby Artichokes really wowed me... in both green and purple.

After all the snapping, we ended up getting some Yellow String Beans, English Peas, Baby Bok Choy and a bouquet of Flowers.


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