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Margarita Tequila Semi-Finals Round 1: Blind Tasting Results.

TombstoneShadow | Aug 23, 201310:12 PM

Aug. 23, 2013: Blind tasting of 5 silver tequilas: Avion, Don Julio, Milagro, Patron, and Tres Generaciones.

Each margarita was mixed 40% tequila, 60% base mix.

Base mix established per prior recent tastings on this board is: 37% orange liqueur, 37% fresh lime juice, and 26% organic agave nectar
The fresh lime juice is approx. 50-50 sweet limes and key limes, slightly more sweet lime. Orange liqueur is about 60-40 DeKuyper O3 - Citronge, to add the citronge punch to the DeK elegance

Glass is not salted. Blind tasting results follow:

1: Okay, sort of flattish, nothing jumps, nothing not to like…

2: Much more interesting, lip-smacking, complex, lingering. This tequila really accents the mix.

3: Luscious. Let's the citrus shine, a bit more refined than 2. I like the brightness and sharpness of 2 a bit better.

4: Even made my eyes water slightly, puckery, lip smacking…. Still tasted head to head, there's a brightness to 2 that is not quite as developed in 4… Not sure I prefer 4 over 3 either… At this point it might be 2 tops, 3 and 4 tied (slightly leaning to 3)… Let's try 5

5: A big flavor but comes across a bit "syrupy". Definitely prefer 2. It's like the flavors of 5 don't pop or evolve as much, at least with these ratios… Nothing not to like either… I think I prefer the poppy brightness of 4 over 5 too…

Back too 1, was I too harsh on it? Not really, sort of a heavier syrupy quality, similar to 5, probably prefer 5 slightly over 1.

SO, from these little sips, definitely the edge to 2, 3, and 4, with 2 being the standout from this tasting.

Review 4 vs. 3: 4 is a strong, bold, yet evolving complex drink… 3 just pops more on the front notes, but maybe doesn't linger quite as much as 4? All in all have to say slight preference for 3 over 4 because of the immediate impact of the front flavor impressions.

NOW for the moment of truth. With my integrity for true objective blind tastings on the line…

Drink 1: Don Julio
Drink 2: Can you believe this…. Patron !!! Which has CONSISTENTLY topped my prior tastings… NOW, this isn't to say that Patron is one bit better than what you like… just to say that consistently to this tasters palate it is THE margarita tequila to beat….
Drink 3: Milagro
Drink 4: Tres Generaciones
Drink 5: Avion

SO: On the other side of the Semi-Finals, the next flight will pit Siete Leguas vs. Corzo vs. Tesoro vs. Casa Noble

I will pick the top 2 from that tasting and pit them against Patron and Milagro in the Ultimate Blanco Margarita Finals…

UPDATE: W/ remaining base mix I concocted yet a 6th marg using 50-50 patron and milagro. This is just insanely good and may be better than either by itself in the cocktail. The brightness, multiple flavor dimensions, the mid and back notes are just great... And the Citronge punch is not be be overlooked... just having that extra splash of Citronge, not as the dominant orange essence, but as an "accelerator" of that essence.... really brings it to this drink.

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